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Jacksax Application

Posted: 30 Sep 2017 18:08
by Jacksax
Callsign: Jacksax

Name: Jack Jones

Age: 17
Location: Wales, UK

Flightsim experience: 2000+ hours in WT sim, no.1 K/D ratio UK. Few hundred hours on DCS, limited PvP experience and fairly new to the game, but I can hold my own in a su27: some aerobatic experience with formations and such and can confidently take down a few bogeys on open conflict and RTB.

About yourself: Never have any problem getting on with any body, have plenty of time for decent people. Like a laugh whilst flying.

Why should we accept you: I have plenty of time to offer the group. Have a solid basic skill set and am eager to learn more and improve to a competitve PvP standard.


Re: Jacksax Application

Posted: 01 Oct 2017 09:56
by Teknetinium
Welcome to 51st Regiment forums Jacksax.
Let me know when you are available for a BSE flight in zulu time. Instructor Pilots are usally available from 18z during the week.

Re: Jacksax Application

Posted: 01 Oct 2017 13:38
by Jacksax
Hi! Thanks for getting back to me.

18z is fine for me, but otherwise 16 - 10z is perfect during weekdays and anytime on weekends is perfect.